Four days after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, this essay Religion's Misguided Missiles appeared in the Manchester (UK) Guardian.


Could we develop a biological guidance system with the compliance and dispensability of a pigeon but with a man's resourcefulness and ability to infiltrate plausibly? What we need, in a nutshell, is a human who doesn't mind being blown up. He'd make the perfect on-board guidance system. But suicide enthusiasts are hard to find.


As luck would have it, we have just the thing to hand: a ready-made system of mind-control which has been honed over centuries, handed down through generations. Millions of people have been brought up in it. It is called religion and, for reasons which one day we may understand, most people fall for it (nowhere more so than America itself, though the irony passes unnoticed). Now all we need is to round up a few of these faith-heads and give them flying lessons.

I don't expect this essay's insights to be widely recognized for a long time, if ever. The capacity of human beings to blind themselves to the obvious is simply too great to overcome with mere logic and reason. This is especially true for those with the skills needed to ascend to great political power.

Last updated: 13 Sept 2002