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Office of Defense Trade Controls
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Re: CJ Case 0081-94, "Applied Cryptography Source Code Disk"


I filed this request with your office on March 10, 1994, under the 15-business-day expedited CJ request rule for mass-market cryptographic software.

It has now been almost twice that long and I have not yet received a response. I have spoken with your staff by telephone several times in the past few weeks. Each time have been told that a response is imminent, yet it has not yet appeared.

You have already ruled that the cryptographic software in question is outside your licensing jurisdiction since the book in which it is printed is in the public domain (Ref CJ Case 0038-94). The only difference in this case is the recording medium: a floppy disk instead of printed pages.

I would have thought this an unimportant distinction that did not merit a second CJ request; after all, typing skills are hardly unique to Americans and Canadians. However, your ruling in Case 0038-94 explicitly excluded source code diskettes; hence my second request.

I am anxious to obtain a ruling in this case. Although I believe I have already made the facts clear, I stand ready to provide any further information that may assist you.


					Phil Karn