Date: 14 March 1994
From: Phil Karn
To: NSA 15-Day CJ Request Coordinator
Subject: Applied Cryptography source code diskette (CJR case 081-94)
As requested by Susan Shea of NSA, here is a copy of the source code diskette that is the subject of Commodity Jurisdiction Request case 081-94. The format is MS-DOS compatible, high density.

As stated in the CJ request itself (a copy of which is attached), please note that this diskette contains information identical to that printed in Part Five of the book "Applied Cryptography" by Bruce Schneier, John Wiley & Sons, Copyright 1994, ISBN 0-471-59756-2. (List price $44.95, available through your local computer bookstore). This book was the subject of Commodity Jurisdiction Request case 038-94. It was ruled to be outside the licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State because the information it contains is in the public domain.

Since this diskette contains nothing that doesn't already appear in the book, the only relevant issue at hand is whether the medium on which the source code is recorded (magnetic media vs paper) is significant.

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