EV1 Power Usage

The PWR USE Meter

The EV1 flourescent dash display includes a vertical 11-bar meter. The GAGE switch toggles this meter between showing battery state-of-charge and current power use (PWR USE).

Unfortunately, in the PWR USE mode the meter is not calibrated. Nor is it linear. Here is a table that maps the readings from this meter to more meaningful units:

If this bar is litThen the power draw is greater than
11 ° HI50 kW
1030 kW
920 kW
812 kW
78 kW
6 °4.5 kW
52 kW
41 kW
3500 W
2100 W
1 ° LO0 W

Nominal EV1 System Loads

Here are some nominal loads as given in the EV1 service manuals:

SystemNominal draw
Braking50 W
7 controllers70 W
Headlights200 W
Low A/C400 W
Rear defogger450 W
Windshield heat700 W
Max A/C1.7 kW
Motor, 55 mph, 70F, level road7 kW
Motor, max accel, 70F118 kW
Power steering pump1200 W (max)

Charging Powers

If the EV1 is left in RUN mode while charging, the PWR USE meter shows charging power relative to the maximum capability of the charger (6.6 kW for the standard charger, 1.2 kW for the "convenience" charger). (Thanks to Greg Hanssen for this info.)

bar 11full power
bar 6half power
bar 51/4 power
bar 41/8 power
bar 3trickle