Qualcomm's EV Charging Station

Here are some snapshots of the new EV charging stations (one inductive, one conductive) recently installed behind Qualcomm building Q in San Diego.

Note: these chargers are not open to the public. They are for Qualcomm employees and visitors only. Not my decision. Nearby public chargers include Scripps Memorial Hospital and Hyatt Regency Hotel La Jolla.

View looking northeast. Note how the inductive charger was installed on the intersection of four parking spots so the short cord and paddle can reach all four spots. Also note the four bollards (vertical yellow concrete-filled steel posts) at the corners of the concrete base. Many public chargers lack this simple protection, and as a result they often get knocked over.

View looking southeast. The two spots in front of the chargers are currently marked for electric vehicles. If demand warrants, it will be trivial to also mark one or both of the spots behind the chargers.

Unfortunately, the staff didn't have the traditional green paint used elsewhere to mark EV spots.

View looking northwest. The power lines to the chargers run through a trench dug between the concrete base and the electrical cabinets on the island behind the chargers. These cabinets also supply power to the parking lot lights. One cabinet has a GFI-protected 120VAC outlet originally installed for an employee with a Zebra EV. I routinely used it with my EV1's so-called "convenience" charger until the pedestal Magnecharger was installed. It's a big improvement!

Phil Karn
Last updated: 8 Sep 1998