Hybridize Your EV1!

Now that hybrid gasoline/electric vehicles have become the latest automotive fad, it seems necessary to find a way to convert old, obsolete, passe "pure" EV technology like the GM EV1 to hybrid operation. After extensive research and development, I have invented a revolutionary yet inexpensive way to do just this. I am proud to unveil the all-new hybrid EV1!


Features and Benefits

Engineering Computations


Gasoline energy content 1 US gallon 36.6kWh thermal
generator efficiency @ 1kW 7.5% 2.745 kWh AC
EV1 convenience charger efficiency 55% 1.5 kWh DC
battery efficiency 85% 1.275 kWh DC
EV1 propulsion motor, 7kWDC @ 55 mph 7.86 miles/kWh 10.02 mpg

Cruising Speed

1 hour driving @ 55 mph 7 kWh DC from battery
Required DC energy from charger 8.235 kWh
Charger output power 660W
Charging time 12.48 hours
Total time for 55 miles (driving plus charging) 13.48 hours
Average speed  4.08 mph


Phil Karn, 8 Sept 1999