Software Packages and Utilities

Here are the various software packages and utilities I've written over the years. I hope others find them useful. I'm placing them out under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

  • ACE demod - Software demodulator for Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft telemetry (v3.0.1 28 Dec 1999 - with MMX correlator and Viterbi decoder)
  • DSP & FEC - Digital signal processing and forward error correction with Reed-Solomon, Viterbi and Fano algorithms (updated 7 August 2007)
  • psn-patch - Linux kernel patch to disable Pentium III CPU serial number
  • cpuid - x86 CPU identification utility (v3.3 1 Jan 2002 - AMD Duron/Athlon now supported)
  • httproute - Web router, ad blocker, cache & cookie cutter
  • dupmerge - Merge duplicate files in a filesystem
  • KA9Q NOS - Self-contained TCP/IP stack for DOS
  • firs.s - Finite impulse response filter for x86
  • DES - Fast implementation of DES/3DES in x86 asm
  • VMSK - analyze the (utterly bogus) VMSK modulation scheme

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    Last updated: 7 August 2007